Android UI – Staggered Grid View

There is an open source library of Staggered Grid View

It works fine but… There are some flaws:

  • 1. No OnScrollListener.
    That means, you can not implement infinite scroll with it.
  • 2. No Scroll Bar Layout.
    So you don't know what the position you are at in this Viewgroup.
  • 3. I want to add Pull To Refresh functions on it.
  • 4. After called notifyDataSetChanged(), this viewgroup doesn't remain at the current position.
    It just scrolls to Top.

The 1st flaw has partially overcomed by Adding an OnScrollListener

Why it is partially? Because it just detect the bottom of the StaggeredGridView and then add a listener on it, without any extra effect/text/animation. So, it’s too plain. Maybe the author did not want to strict the imagination of other developers.

So, I think I would at least add a footer to indicate the loading/loaded state of this view.

Also, Scroll Bar and Pull To Refresh is important when you are using the StaggeredGridView in your project.