My First Post in Physics Category

Definitely, Dialogo sopra i due massimi sistemi del mondo will be my first post in my Physics category. In respect to Galileo Galilei.

Dialogo sopra i due massimi sistemi del mondo

Here is an English version of this booklet: Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems

There is a paragraphy in the Second Day:

Is it possible for you to doubt that if Anistotle should see the new discoveries in the sky he would change his opinions and correct his books and embrace the most sensible doctrines, casting away from himself those people so weak-minded as to be induced to go on abjectly maintaining everything he had ever said?
Why, if Aristotle had been such a man as they imagine, he would have been a man of intractable mind, of obstinate spirit, and barbarous soul; a man of tyrannical will who, regarding all others as silly sheep, wished to have his decrees preferred over the senses, experience, and nature itself.
It is the followers of Aristotle who have crowned him with authority, not he who has usurped or appropriated it to himself.

As changhai translated it as:

你难道怀疑如果亚里斯多德看到天空中的这些新发现, 他会改变自己的观点, 修改自己的著作, 拥抱最理智的学说, 并抛弃那些弱智到只会悲哀地墨守他说过的每一句话的人吗? …. 亚里斯多德若果真如他们所想象, 那他将是一个头脑僵化、 精神顽固、 灵魂野蛮的人, 一个有着视别人为蠢货、 用自己的教条取代理性、 经验及自然本身的暴虐意愿的人。 是亚里斯多德的追随者而非他本人将权威的皇冠强加给了他。

It’s cool that I have the opportunity to mention these words in the first post of my Physics category.

The Gravity Formula \[ g = G\frac{M}{r^2} \]